Session schedule

Date: Sunday, July 16
Session 1, 08:30-10:20

Paper presentations:
William B. Langdon and Karina Zile (University College London, UK), “Genetic improvement of computational biology software”

Invited talk: Sylvain Cussat-Blanc (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse -IRIT, France): “When artificial life inspires computational biology”.

Paper presentations:
Paulo Maia, Isabel Rocha, Miguel Rocha (University of Minho, Portugal), “Identification of robust strain designs via tandem pFBA/LMOMA phenotype prediction”
Kevin Doherty, Khulood Alyahya, Ozgur E. Akman, Jonathan E. Fieldsend (University of Exeter, UK), “Optimisation and landscape analysis of computational biology models: a case study”.
Talk: Mostafa Ellabaan (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark), “Molecular memetic optimization for biomolecular systems”.

Session 2, 10:40-12:30
Invited talk: David Simoncini (LISBP, INSA, CNRS, INRA, Université de Toulouse, Toulouse, France): “A probabilistic flexible backbone protein design approach”.

Paper presentations:
Daniel Varela, José Santos (University of A Coruña, Spain), “A protein folding model using the Face-Centered Cubic lattice”
Emmanuel Sapin, Kenneth A. De Jong, and Amarda Shehu (George Mason University, USA, “An evolutionary algorithm to model structural excursions of a protein”
Julia Handl, Mario Fabre-Garza, Shaun Kandathil and Simon Lovell (University of Manchester, UK), “On heuristic bias in fragment-assembly methods for protein structure prediction”
Katherine H. Chiang (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Taiwan), “Toward self-adapting computation in cells: building spiking neural network with cell signaling pathways”